About Me

I am a licensed therapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. My private practice is in Louisville, Kentucky. I have extensive experience and training helping people get "unstuck" from patterns and life events that limit a person's full potential. I believe that all people need someone unbiased and neutral to talk to throughout our lives especially during difficult transitions.

I primarily specialize in addiction issues with various populations. Sometimes someone may be unsure if their substance use or behaviors are problematic. I work with the individual to determine if their behaviors impact their personal value system. I have helped people who struggle with eating disorders, hoarding, anxiety and depression that may or may not be related to trauma. I provide support and engagement for those that need support through transitional periods such as dealing with death and divorce. I consult and work with people transitioning from high school to college and those needing help making major life decisions.

I help people. My unique style allows me to build trusting relationships with those I work with. I believe through a positive attitude and clear perspective that I can help unlock your full potential and allow you to have a transformative experience thus, shifting and moving things that hold you back. I use a wide variety of techniques to activate and sustain change. 

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