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Addiction Treatment--Recovery Unplugged

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing addiction treatment program in Ft Lauderdale, Florida-- Recovery Unplugged (RU). This treatment program was started by a musician about 6 years ago in Florida which combines music into every aspect of their clinical care. Music is important part of humanity. Art, language and music have been apart of all cultures since the beginning of time and which separates humans from all other species on our planet.

Music is powerful. One song can take me back to my childhood and I can remember all the details of an experience that was related to a particular song. I can listen to a song and it can change my mood. Music is powerful! Recovery Unplugged uses music to bypass defense mechanisms, build community and to create health expressions of emotions. Each facility has a 'stage' and clients are encouraged to share and express from the stage at different times. Talk about being vulnerable!

Music is everywhere! Every location that I visited had music playing and the genres ranged from hip-hop, alternative rock, to jazz. Music was playing from the detox center to the corporate offices.

Recovery Unplugged offers the full spectrum of services--detoxification, residential, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and sober living. Clients get individual care from psychiatrists and licensed therapist to address underlying issues like trauma and mental health concerns.

Support. Most of the staff are in recovery which offers a shared experience of the treatment and recovery process. RU relies on support from local recovery to provide peer connection which is an important piece that often gets overlooked.

LGBTQ. RU knows how substance use has impacted the LGBTQ community and offers individualized treatment options for people that identify as apart of this community. This is much needed service for this population that experiences prejudice and social injustice on multiple levels.

When I was visiting it seemed like no one was working. Everyone was working their asses off though! The environment was laid back and staff enjoyed working and being with the clients. The clients wanted to be there.

Recovery Unplugged has success rates 4x the national average.

Their website: https://www.recoveryunplugged.com/ has more information about their locations and stuff.

Overall, I would send anyone from my family there. I give it 4.8/5.

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