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Change Is a Process

Transitions. Letting go. Stepping into the unknown.

So...Now that we are in March--how are those resolutions going?

Have you stopped? Have you given up and surrendered?

If you have, then it's all good. We all fall short when it comes to change. Most people get discouraged and discontinue their original commitment. Maybe you set the goal too high. Maybe your goals where unrealistic. Maybe you weren't fully invested in your decision to change.

Change is inevitable. Change is not linear, it is a process. We are allowed to relapse and make adjustments. Change usually fails when out outcome is to achieve perfection. Change is gradual. We change a little bit at a time and some growth is better than no growth. Sometimes, relapsing and slipping off our initial change trajectory leads us to find answers that solidifies the commitment to change.

What is important to you matters the most. People consider change when their behaviors conflict with their personal value system. How do your behaviors impact what your value system? What do you make more important that your values? These questions are the key to change. 

Commitment, importance and confidence are key indicators in initiating and sustaining change. How committed are you to change? How important is this 'change'? How confident are you that you can change?

Right now, you don't have to be confident in change. If so, your commitment and level of importance need to be higher. Over time confidence will increase with consistent and reliable efforts. 

Are you willing to do whatever to get the results you want? That's what it's going to take.

Change sucks but it is so worth when you become the person you want to be. Ask for support and take healthy risks to change. After all, you are the only one that can do it!! Good luck. Now get in there!

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