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Time to Reflect

I hope 2018 was everything you thought it’d be. I will attempt to inspire and challenge you with this blog. 

If I make it to midnight tonight, I will be one of billions to survive 2018. What a pleasure and privilege! However, millions have died this year and im sure most wish they’d have another shot at making this right. You (me included) may not make it to see 2019’s ending. “We are living on borrowed time”. We can still make things right for ourselves and the world. If I died today what legacy and carbon imprint would I leave on humanity?

I will ask you the following questions to stimulate the greatness that lives in all of us. If you feel compelled to take action with these questions, then you might find healing, clarity and a higher purpose. 

1. What regrets do I have in 2018? (What can I do to make it right? What do I need to own? Who do I need to talk with to let go of grudges and resentment)

2. What addiction (drugs, relationships, control, porn, money etc) hindered my maximum growth in 2018? Am I willing to let those go in 2019?

3. What am I most proud of in 2018?

4. Who had the greatest influence on my life in 2018?

5. What excites me about 2019?

6. What am I willing to change about myself to help achieve my goals in 2019?

7. What is one positive word that describes what i’ll obtain this time next year? (For me it’s “love and divinity”)

Please take time to reflect on 2018 and get prepared for 2019. It’s a blank slate and it can be whatever you want it to be! Answer these questions and share them with people in your life. Feel free to email me the responses at [email protected]

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