Specializes in working with teens and adults on variety of issues. Accepts Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid. Private pay and out of network options available.

“The courage to change is rooted in self compassion.”

― Unknown

If you’ve felt weighed down, stuck, empty, suffering, low energy, locked in a pattern, unsure of yourself, without meaning, or alone then the chances are you’re searching for a new way of being. We’ve all been feeling some form of these at some point, or many points in our lives. Odds are, it all makes sense as to why. If you’ve suffered from some form of trauma like many of us have, you’ll be relieved to know that there are ways to understand these unconscious patterns in your life that honor your journey and bring out your awareness of your truest strengths and brilliance where you’ll be empowered as you heal and grow.

I see teens and adults with stress, complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, personality disorders, experiencing divorce/separation, childhood trauma and abuse. I use mindfulness techniques to assist with tools for coping. I specialize in person centered approach that honors your own inner intelligence for your healing.

We are all whole people. None of us are broken and we never need to be “fixed.” However, we all go through storms in life, often for years at a time, and it’s helpful and healthy to seek out a clear, nonjudgemental perspective of another that assists us in our journey towards more ease and a feeling of wholeness again.

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