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Addiction is a complicated brain disease involving compulsive use of substances or harmful behavior patterns despite negative consequences. A person with addiction suffers from one or more of the following symptoms: social difficulties, impaired control, risky use, withdrawal, and increased tolerance. Continued use not only impacts ones ability to be successful in society at large, but creates harmful, biological changes to the brain and its ability to function. These changes include impaired judgement and decision making, damaging behavioral issues, memory loss, and emotional problems. 

Due to the complex nature of addiction, recovery requires different types of treatment to address its mental, physical, and emotional components. The recovery process begins with detox and addressing the physical withdrawal of substances and behaviors. Once removed, it becomes imperative to treat the mental and emotional issues that arise. People with addiction often use substances and behaviors to both self-medicate, and to escape emotional pain, difficult situations, and traumatic events. Individual therapy allows clients to process through emotions and issues which have long been hidden by substances. Individuals can also identify and address triggers and cravings, help avoid relapses, and learn new coping mechanisms necessary for long term recovery. 

Addiction recovery can be a lifelong process, requiring a multitude of therapies and opportunities for growth. Addiction affects the sufferer as well as their friends and families. Individual therapy can also help restore relationships and heal wounds caused by the disease of addiction and its effects in our lives. Regardless of ones substances of choice or behavioral addiction, recovery is possible and individual therapy can be an important part of long-term recovery.

The Addiction can have a negative meaning and people often report the stigma around talking about their substance use problem. We are compassionate and non-judgmental in out approach when treating person who struggle with substance abuse. People may also struggle with non-substance addictions like over-eating, excessive spending, gambling, internet, gaming – just to name a few. We also work with these issues as they have similar effects on the brain and biology of people. 

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