Angela Hogan, LCSW, LCADC

Specializes in trauma, addiction and depression. Training in EMDR, Ketamine therapy and Compassionate Inquiry. Accepts commercial and Medicaid insurances.

“He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens.”

― Carl Gustav Jung

Beginning something new can be a challenge. My clients have often tried everything and are excited to find newer approaches to their problems when everything else has failed. I am especially excited to work with individuals who have faced adversity and are committed to their own resiliency. I look forward to thinking outside the box to find a individualized compassionate approach to face problems head on.

I have experience in the latest evidence based alternative treatments to help support growth. I have had been trained in EMDR, DBT certified, and have had training in psychedelic therapy.

I help my clients look inside themselves with compassion and a inquiry that promotes healing. Providing a safe and comfortable environment that is judgement free is a top priority in my practice. I often feel honored to be able to witness the profound work of my clients when this is achieved.

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