Specializes in addiction, depression, LGTBQIA+ populations, and anxiety. Accepts most commercial insurance and Medicaid plans.

My focus in counseling is to help people find what barriers they have preventing them from living the life they hope for. Everyone has their own unique situations and concerns they are facing, and once we identify these, we can work together to find better ways for you to cope and move forward from the sources of pain and stress. Whether it is addiction, harmful eating habits, mental health concerns, or issues related to sexuality and gender identity, my goal is to create a safe space where you can address any life issues or concerns without judgement and for us to work together on your journey towards healing.

One of my specialties is treating addictions, but often this is a sign of one or more underlying concerns. I help clients identify these areas and find methods of reframing the negative thoughts that surround them and working to find ways of making positive changes. If we successfully do these things, you can begin moving past the barriers in your life.

I will work with you to help find the sources of your concerns and work on developing healthy methods of handling those situations. When we find ways of resolving these issues, you can start to heal from the things that have become a source of pain and begin moving forward in life.

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