I had the pleasure of meeting this man recently and have had a life changing experience with our time spent. To have the opportunity to share between each other was comfortable, informative, and full of incite. It did not take long for me to trust this man with my life, ending my experience with a new friend. Hands down one of the best men, I have ever had the privilege to meet!
– B. K.

I have known Henry since he was a teenager. Him and a bunch of other teens hung out at my house and went to church with us. He was friends with my daughter. Henry is such a compassionate person that has experienced some tough times in his life. He has overcome a lot of obstacles. I am so proud of you Henry Lucas…..You beat the odds!!!!!!
– L. B.

When first entered the field of addiction as a volunteer. Henry mentored me and I never forgot all the information that he shared with me. I currently continue to use that information now as an LPCA and LCADC. You are the best.
– C. W.

Kudos to Henry, an extraordinary man; humble, compassionate, and highly competent. A true public servant – The best of all worlds! 5 stars!
– J. H.

Henry Lucas has helped me in so many ways, he helped me find myself and has given good orderly direction, he helped my parents get their son back, my wife her husband back, and my children their father back. With his helping hand, Gods Guidance, i am becomeing the best person that ive ever been, I Strongly Recommend!!!!
– K. H.

Henry has a way of connecting with people instantly. He takes the time to truly meet a person where they’re at and help them reach their goals. Henry is well versed in many different therapeutic techniques. I’ve crossed paths with few people that have made such a positive impact in my life. Henry is trustworthy, dependable and kind-hearted. Anyone would benefit from working with him!
– P. K.

Henry Lucas is a wonderful counselor and a great guy. Very laid back and extremely professional. He counsels through first hand knowledge of the issues that plague addicts and their families. I highly recommend!
– D. G.

Henry Lucas helped me in a dark time in my life. I was 31 years old hopeless and broken. His unique approach was able to grab my attention and made me feel safe. I’m now employable and can give and receive genuine love.
– E. M.

True care and compassion. One of the most inspirational men I’ve ever met in my life.
– A. M.

Henry is a true angel of my GOD sent to me in my darkest moments! I will always be indebted to him and be grateful for his simple solutions to my horrible problem. Very professional and now a life long Freind! Love you man.
– J. W.

This man saved my life. He showed me how to find and be ok with myself. How to be the person my family always knew I could be. He taught me how to live a life not filled with fear of the future or regrets from the past, but to actually live in the moment. After 15 years of drug use, depression, self hatred and from a completely hopless state, he guided me in reconizing and processing my emotions in a way no one had been able to before. And for the first time in my life, i found some peace and happiness. On July 20th 2018, I celebrated 2 years of continuous sobriety. And it all started with Henry Lucas.
– S. M.

Amazing to think that this life has transformed like the butterfly with Lucas Counseling serving as the most compassionate caccoon imagineable. Congrats to all involved.
– C. H.

I’m beyond impressed with the outcome of your life since the last time I saw you, fixing that stereo smh always fixing the stereo lol. I moved to Florida to change things for myself and your doing it at home. It’s a concept that mostly seems impossible. The power and the courage to do so at home is nothing short of an God willed miracle. He is still working through u I see. Henry is a guy that’s gotten his boots dirty and cleaned them off. Now he refusing to jump in the same mud pit knowing the boots are hard to clean. Figuratively speaking. Now opening your own practice now excuse my French but that’s Big Boy Sh!t. I love you Henry continue on the journey Gods set before u my man.
– T. G.

I’m 100% positive that Henry is one of the most excellent people I’ve ever met. He’s super insightful and has a great outlook on life. I’d recommend him to anyone needing help.
– S. S.

I met Henry in a personal setting and was struck by his compassion and caring for others. His honesty and approachable nature is a blessing. Having been in recovery over 8 years myself, his calm, reassuring demeanor is an asset in his field. Blessings and best of luck in your newest endeavor, brother.
– S. P.

Henry is works exceptionally with clients and exhibits both empathy and competency. Henry has the skill that very few possess to build rapport and trust.
– P. F.

Henry Lucas is probably the most insightful, understanding, personable man I have had the pleasure of working with and building with in the field of social services. I have personally known of many men and women he has reached out to when he was needed most. I have seen him from a wild teen- to a hard working student-to a pillar of strength for those of us concerned with the epidemic of addiction and alcoholism in the Louisville area. Receive help from someone educated by personal experience and formal education.
– A. H.

Seeing this, I am reminded of a quote. “Cling to the thought that, in God’s hands, your painful past is the most valuable possession you have. The key to life and happiness for others. With it, you can avert death and misery for them.” I have overwhelming gratitude that I get to know people like Henry Lucas. With this man’s life experience, his professional credentials, and his mission in focus, I know he is a man of vision. I will walk with Henry, wherever he dares to go!
– R. G.

When asked if clients are making progress or if they are enjoying their experience at Louisville Health and Healing, they said…

“Not necessarily, but that’s due to outside factors and stressors distracting me.”

“Absolutely! He’s helped me continue to grow my awareness and apply what I’ve learned to my everyday life.”

“I definitely feel more relief in my day-to-day life because I am able to voice feelings that I wouldn’t be able to normally. I tend to bottle things up and stew, but Elizabeth is very welcoming and non-judgemental.”

“Issues are being addressed.”

“Yes, it helps my mental health very well and she has me on a path that’s good for my mental health.”

“I feel a lot better. I know how to evaluate my situations now and process them.”

“Yes, I feel like I have some more coping skills and a better sense of who I am. ”

“I have definitely improved since starting with my therapist. I feel she understands and respects me and is good at hearing me and helping me come up with solutions and coping skills.”

“Since I have only been seeing Elizabeth for 6 months, I don’t think I’ve even broached the entirety of the skeletons in my closet. I do feel better in general that I am working toward a goal. Elizabeth has been great about offering suggested actions I can take on a daily/weekly basis that are helping me.”

“Yes, he has taught me good coping skills that I use to often.”

“Yes, I’ve had some setbacks, but have had the longest stretch of sobriety I’ve had in years and feel like my relationship to alcohol has greatly improved through my conversations with Jordan.”

“I am a work in progress, however, even when I don’t feel I’ve made much improvements, Kelsi reminds me of how I’ve changed for the better since we started together.”

“Definitely, yes. Tools and resources shared are put into practice.”

“Yes, she helps me unlock repressed trauma and provides support to work through it.”

“Absolutely. I use to struggle just with getting out of bed regularly and dreaded beginning a new day. I finally feel more confident in myself and have learned new coping mechanisms and am better at communicating in general.”

“I have made such changes over the last 18 months. When I started I was going through postpartum with my first child and without Jessica I would have struggled so much! I feel more confident as a person, a wife and a mom. Working on accepting myself has been life changing!”

“Absolutely. Alyssa has given me so much insight into my past as well as how it pertains to my present. She’s very insightful and compassionate.”

“Oh absolutely! I have come so far in terms of my mental well-being and self-confidence since I’ve known Lindsey. I feel I’ve gotten to know myself and trust myself in a much more consistent, loving way, because of Lindsey.”

“I would be devestated without Elizabeth. Thankfully, I was already in care with her when many things that are outside my control began negatively impacting my life. She has helped me survive some of my very lowest points, and I will use the coping skills I have learned while working with her for the rest of my life.”

“Somewhat. Then she recommended maybe trying medication and once my pcp prescribed me some really seen a difference.”

“Absolutely. My quality of life is better.”

“Yes, this year I was able to say ‘after 7 years of hard work I never thought I would be able to get here, it seemed impossible to ever feel stable and happy but here I am today.'”

“I do feel that I’m getting better. Elizabeth has helped me to fill my tool box with the tools I need to manage my anxiety and has helped me to move through much of my past trauma.”

“While it is easy to get caught up in the negative, Holly has helped me see the progress I’ve made over time with her support. She has empowered me to catch, challenge, and change the negative thought system and helped me learn to trust slowly.”

“I feel I’m more compassionate towards myself and am learning to listen to my inner child.”

“Yes, Holly has equipped me with the tools necessary to find my voice and better communicate with my spouse.”

“I do. Aeon is really helping me understand all of my parts in such a way that has improved my overall life experience. Aeon has helped me grow to be my authentic self, and embrace my sadness/the complexities of life in ways that have been educational and helpful.”=

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