Recovery Integration

People who achieve long-term addiction recovery often benefit from individual therapy. Unfortunately, those in recovery can have difficulty accessing therapy unique to their needs. Recovery integration pairs a person in recovery with a therapist who is familiar with, and supportive of, different recovery programs.  Life problems do not end with the completion of inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. Recovery integration supports and guides each client though the ups and downs of daily living, applying principles of recovery and reformatting patterns that can lead to the despair of active addiction.

Finding a therapist who is fluent in the language of recovery can allow individuals to be more open and vulnerable while establishing a therapeutic relationship. Those in recovery can address their thoughts, feelings, and issues in a safe environment, customized to their individual needs and within a framework that supports their ongoing recovery. From reentering society from treatment to someone with years of recovery experience under their belt, recovery integration supports recovery as a general framework and guide for living.  Individuals can learn how to incorporate newly learned principles and skills into their home, work, and social lives with the support of a therapist who understands their goals. We have multiple therapist that are active in recovery and practice integration daily. We find that it is important to have licensed professionals that understand substance abuse and recovery both, professionally and personally. Identification is the antidote to loneliness. 

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