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We all have experienced something collectively that none of us have ever before – a pandemic. This has actually been a collective traumatic event. The problem is that unlike most traumatic events, which usually end, this has been uncertain and prolonged with minimal ending in sight. Shut downs, lock-ins, the economy, the fear of the virus (something we can not see and know little about) and other dynamics have led to depression, anxiety, increased addiction, increased suicide completion, increased abuse and neglect and increased divorce. We have been restricted from things that bring enjoyment and we have found ways to escape feelings of powerlessness and of being trapped. The winter weather and daily savings time can make it more unbearable and intolerable. Like most traumatic events, it can be helpful to talk with someone and get support and advice.

We are social creatures and we need connection. Social distancing and isolation have caused some short-term problems and we aren’t even aware how this will impact us in the long run. We are currently offering virtual therapy through privacy compliant platforms and we are meeting with people in person because we know the importance of being within physical proximity of people. Don’t worry though! We are taking appropriate precautions to be safe and avoid coronavirus.

Watch this short YouTube video.

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