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  • Stop Avoiding Everything!
    Happy Near Years! How are your resolutions going this year so far? Have you sabatoged them yet? I hope so... No time to make change like tomorrow. I mean, no better Read more
  • Book em' Dan-O
    It has been a while since I have posted any blogs. A lot has been going on. I have been to Italy, Elliette turned 2, Elise and I celebrated 5 Read more
  • Change Is a Process
    Transitions. Letting go. Stepping into the unknown. So...Now that we are in March--how are those resolutions going? Have you stopped? Have you given up and surrendered? If you have, then it's all good. Read more
  • Addiction Treatment--Recovery Unplugged
    Last week I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing addiction treatment program in Ft Lauderdale, Florida-- Recovery Unplugged (RU). This treatment program was started by a musician about 6 Read more
  • Time to Reflect
    I hope 2018 was everything you thought it’d be. I will attempt to inspire and challenge you with this blog.  If I make it to midnight tonight, I will be one Read more
  • This Time of The Year Sucks...
    This time of the year can be very exciting for many people. There are a lot of holiday festivities happening that involve connection, creativity and and a sense of belonging. Read more
  • Regret, Struggle, and Uncomfortablilty
    I tend to think very highly of myelf and of all my accomplishments, successful relationships and all that shit. Here lately I’ve been exposed to some harsh truths about myself—these Read more
  • A is for Anxiety
    It’s that time of the year: The holidays are upon us.; the end of the school semester is upon us; daylight Savings Time is upon us. We are in the Read more
  • Creativity and The Healing Process
    I have been on this journey of healing and self-discovery for many years now. What I have realized is that the more I discover the more I dig. The more Read more
  • Spirituality and Everthing Else
    Let’s explore an important part of humanity that often gets overlooked—spirituality. There are five components that make every human being:Physical (our bodies)Psychological (our minds)Social (our relationships)Sexual (our sexual preference and Read more
  • Helping Others and Happiness
    Helping others and happiness. Need I say more?  Humanity has needed help from others since the beginning of time. Our physical journey in life is to define and secure happiness. The Read more
  • Compassion and Healing
    “If you want the world to be a better place, practice compassion. If you want to be better person, practice compassion.” Mahatma Ghandi  I am self absorbed most days and most Read more
  • Struggling in Recovery
    I have been noticing quite a few people in long-term recovery relapsing lately and it has me concerned. People relapse on substances in early recovery, within the first year, due Read more
  • SMART Recovery
    People that struggle with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors can agree that it is important to have people to talk to. For the last 80+ years, Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA) was Read more
  • Relationships
    Think of all the relationships you have. Envision yourself interacting with everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis--your partner, your children, the mailman/mail woman, the barista at Read more
  • Back to School (Part 2) College Edition
    Okay. This blog is dedicated to college kids (or anyone interested in reading it). College can be a very fun and exciting endeavor. For some young adults this may be Read more
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